Senior Quantitative Consultant

  • Amsterdam/Remote
  • Full-time
  • Immediately

How you
describe yourself

  • PhD or Master's degree in mathematics, physics, econometrics, computer science or engineering
  • 4+ years’ experience in running quantitative projects, preferably in a consulting environment
  • High degree of creativity and adaptability
  • Advanced programming skills in Python
  • Experience in building machine learning applications
  • Commercial sense
  • Solid communication, story lining and presentations skills
  • For a financial risk focused role, knowledge of sector regulation is required

Wat we

  • An inspiring workplace
  • Highly specialized colleagues
  • Intellectually challenging work
  • Freedom and ample room for growth
  • Direct impact on the firm performance

What you will do

We are looking for a Senior Quantitative Consultant to help grow the firm.

You will be running one or more projects simultaneously and will be responsible for the full modelling scope: from imagining solutions to the strategic needs of our clients, to building and implementing them into their cloud infrastructure.

You will also have an active management role and contribute to project origination, staff mentoring, recruitment or quality assurance.

You will learn fast and keep your mind sharp by partnering with different clients to solve the most challenging puzzles using the latest technology.

Our Company

RiskQuest is a consulting firm specializing in developing state-of-the art models and solutions for managing financial risks, preventing money laundering and terrorist financing, and making data-driven decisions to realize a sustainable strategy.

Since we were founded in 2008, we have been able to build and maintain an impressive customer base and work for all major Dutch financial institutions, including the Dutch central bank. We focus on our three pillars; Fighting Economic Crime, Financial Risk Management, and Energy & Climate Risk.

The growing team consists of 60 exceptional quants with backgrounds in mathematics, physics, and econometrics, combined with a strong commercial sense and the ability to explain complex matters to management, development, and academic audiences.

Our beautiful office is located at the Herengracht in Amsterdam. The working culture is open and informal, we value entrepreneurship, and always thrive for the highest quality. There is an intense social life with daily chess matches, ping pong competitions, after-work drinks, foreign trips and other activities.

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Your day at RiskQuest


Risk Quest 8 sr 750x600
  • Start of the day
    08:30  -  09:00
    You enter our office at the Herengracht and start the day with a nice conversation in the coffee corner. Have you read the latest news on financial crime?
  • Client Meeting
    09:00  -  10:00
    Time for a meeting with one of our clients. They want to know about the most material money laundering risks for their portfolio, and how we can identify fraudulent transactions using machine learning. Interesting!
  • Coaching meeting
    10:00  -  11:00
    You start the afternoon with a coaching meeting with one of your coachees. You will have a coffee in the city centre of Amsterdam and discuss a variety of topics: work, future project, ambitions, but also the status of your building projects (since you just bought a house).
  • Team update
    11:00  -  12:00
    The team provides you with all the necessary status updates on the current projects. You help with the challenges that they are facing and make sure they are on the right track.
  • Lunch
    12:00  -  13:00
    Because we are located in the centre of Amsterdam there are numerous options to score a good lunch. Today you pick an option from our own ‘RiskQuest menu’, which is a list of the best places in the neighbourhood.
  • Development of new Machine Learning Model
    13:00  -  15:00
    Together with your colleagues you start working on a first version of a machine learning model to detect ML transactions for the client you spoke to in the morning.
  • Unit MT
    15:00  -  16:00
    At the end of the day you have a management team meeting for a business unit within RiskQuest. You discuss new project requests and how to staff them. You also investigate actions for the long run
  • Presentation preparation
    16:00  -  17:00
    Because it is very important to not only make good models, but also explain them, you prepare some slides that elaborate on how the ML model works. You make sure the slides are nice and clean, because tomorrow is the follow-up meeting with the client
Risk Quest 8 sr 750x600

Insights from your colleagues

At RiskQuest you can make a meaningful impact from day one, while working with the biggest players in the industry. Learning and development is at the centre of what we do, and is propelled by a diverse and experienced group of colleagues. We celebrate success and work as a team.

Louise Schriemer
Senior Consultant - Financial Risk Management

The thing I like most about RiskQuest is the way in which we work. Everyone is prepared to walk the extra mile when required, but there is also time to have fun together. “Together” is basically the key aspect that describes RiskQuest best for me, which obviously makes it a very pleasant environment to work in.

Rick Stuhmer
Senior Manager – Financial Risk Modelling

Our application procedure

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The recruitment team screens your application on the basis of a CV, motivation letter and list of grades. Do we look like a good match on paper? Then the recruitment team will contact you within 2 days.
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Introductory meeting
Match? Then we would like to welcome you to the office. We would love to get to know you through an introductory meeting
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Second interview
If the introductory meeting was a success, we would like to plan a second interview with two of our consultants. You will be given a case interview if deemed necessary in the introductory meeting.
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Third interview
If the second interview with the consultants was a success, we would like to plan a third interview with senior people within the organization.
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If all interviews were succesful, we will present you with an offer!
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RiskQuest strives to provide feedback within 2 working days

The RiskQuest Recruitment team (Recruiter, Consultant and Partner) will review your resume, grade lists and cover letter.

Our company's main language is English.

We support learning and development for all RiskQuesters. Together with your coach you will map out your learning needs.


Do you have a question?

Feel free to contact Tessa, Senior Consultant at RiskQuest.

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