Working Student

  • Amsterdam/Remote
  • Part-time
  • Immediately

How you describe yourself

  • You are following a quantitative master in quantitative finance, econometrics, mathematics or a comparable technical study
  • Interest in modeling or interest in applying your knowledge about econometric methods in business
  • Basic programming knowledge in Matlab or SAS or Python or R
  • You enjoy analyzing and solving new issues in a practical and creative way
  • Initiative and independence. You are available at least two days a week

What we Offer you

  • Working in a highly educated, quantitative, young and enthusiastic team with an informal culture; your voice and vision contribute to the success of RiskQuest
  • Participate in assignments for international banks, pension funds and insurers
  • Further develop your knowledge of Matlab and/or SAS and/or R, by participating in data analysis, developing and reviewing market and credit risk models
  • Knowledge of risk models; for example credit risk (PD, LGD, EAD Models) and/or market risk models (for example VAR)
  • The opportunity to make a significant contribution to the assignments we do for our clients
  • A competitive hourly rate, participation in fun team activities, and flexible working hours

Next level in Risk Management?

As a working student you develop the best risk models for leading financial institutions in the Netherlands. With us you have a lot of contact with customers of these financial institutions. In a short time you not only get to know many different financial models, you also develop them. These models help financial institutions to gain insight into their risk profile and into their customers.

You will be directly responsible and you will work together with your RiskQuest colleagues on projects at banks, insurers and pension funds. In addition to good compensation, we offer flexible working hours and a lot of substantive challenge.

Our Company

We are a consultancy specialized in (risk) models for the financial sector. In an increasingly complex world, there is also an increasing need to manage risks. Models are an important instrument in this regard. Our services focus on all aspects of the use of models: data, model development, validation, policy and strategy.

In recent years we have been able to build up an impressive customer base. We work for all major Dutch financial institutions. In addition, we are continuously expanding our services.

We are a team of 40 ambitious individuals, almost all of whom have a quantitative background in econometrics, mathematics and physics. Mutual social contacts and an informal working atmosphere with a lot of individual freedom are important to us. You quickly become part of our close-knit team.

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Your day at RiskQuest

  • Start of the day - data analyzing
    09:00  -  12:00
    As a working student, you work together with other consultants and working students on an intern or extern project. The first task assigned to you is to analyze the data provided using Python or R Studio. In the meantime, you discuss the most important findings with your team members.
  • Lunch
    12:00  -  13:00
    Lunchtime. Together with all the other colleagues, I have lunch down stairs or outside our office. Because we are located in the center of Amsterdam, there are numerous options to choose from.
  • Team meeting
    13:00  -  14:00
    In the afternoon, I have a technical meeting with my team members about the current results. Are the results consistent and are we satisfied with the results? After having a critical look at our findings, we discuss potential improvements.
  • Development of the model
    14:00  -  16:00
    I use the rest of the afternoon to develop the requested model in close collaboration with my colleagues, including coding and thinking of innovative solutions for the problem.
  • Stakeholder communication
    16:00  -  17:00
    After we have listed the most important questions and remarks, we have a meeting with the client to discuss the data attributes and results. The manager of the team leads the meeting and the other team members ask questions that are relevant for the data and model.
  • Game of Ping Pong
    17:00  -  17:30
    After a nice working day, I end the day with a game of ping pong in our backyard. Afterwards, it is time to go home!

De collega’s van Risk aan het woord

The thing I like most about RiskQuest is the way in which we work. Everyone is prepared to walk the extra mile when required, but there is also time to have fun together. “Together” is basically the key aspect that describes RiskQuest best for me, which obviously makes it a very pleasant environment to work in.

Rick Stuhmer
Manager – Financial Risk Modelling

Our application procedure

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The recruitment team screens your application on the basis of a CV, motivation letter and list of grades. Do we look like a good match on paper? Then the recruitment team will contact you within 2 days.
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Introductory meeting
Match? Then we would like to welcome you to the office. We would love to get to know you through an introductory meeting
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Second interview
If the introductory meeting was a success, we would like to plan a second interview with two of our consultants. You will be given a case interview if deemed necessary in the introductory meeting.
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Third interview
If the second interview with the consultants was a success, we would like to plan a third interview with senior people within the organization.
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If all interviews were succesful, we will present you with an offer!
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RiskQuest strives to provide feedback within 2 working days

The RiskQuest Recruitment team (Recruiter, Consultant and Partner) will review your resume, grade lists and cover letter.

Our company's main language is English.

We support learning and development for all RiskQuesters. Together with your coach you will map out your learning needs.


Do you have a question?

Feel free to contact Rick, Manager at RiskQuest.
06 - 20 04 34 19

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